Wednesday, April 13, 2005

This Having a Physical Body Stuff Is Just Annoying, Pt. 2

Stupid body kept sending me those "I'm hungry! Feed me! Feed me a lot!" signals. So I finally gave into it last night, and I ate a lot of spaghetti. I mean, a lot of spaghetti. More spaghetti, it turns out than the stupid body could handle, no matter what it said. And I ended up going to bed early with a rather unpleasant case of indigestion.

At least the going-to-bed-early thing is good, right, because it means I was actually able to get enough sleep? Sadly, no. I did a hell of a lot better yesterday, when I woke up after a wholly inadequate amount of sleep, but on my own, without an alarm. I've noticed this before, too. How well I do when I'm on the morning shift really does seem to depend less on how much actual sleep I've had and more on what point in my sleep cycle I'm in when I wake up. Even if I've had a full eight hours, if that alarm goes off when I'm deeply asleep, I wake up groggy, and it takes a long time to wear off.

I'm seriously beginning to think about buying one of these things.

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