Monday, April 25, 2005


Hello! Geez, I didn't mean to be offline that long... They moved my wireless antenna over to the new place on Friday. I got my furniture -- including my computer desk so I could set up my computer -- moved in on Sunday. I figured I'd be back online Sunday night, but it turns out they'd forgotten to give me the ID for the new access point, and the software refused to cooperate without it. Oops. And I don't have phone service hooked up at the new place yet -- the phone company isn't going to be out until Wednesday -- which means that I kept having to run back and forth to the old place to call my ISP and check my messages.

Anyway. Things are in complete pandemonium at the moment. It's hard to walk through the house without tripping over scattered furniture and half-unpacked boxes, and I'm beginning to think the two weeks of vacation I still have coming aren't going to be nearly enough to make even a dent in the organizing and unpacking. Actually, not having net access for two days probably did a great deal to increase my productivity, but the withdrawal symptoms weren't exactly fun. Also, apparently spending three hours moving furniture leaves me feeling like I've been beaten up and left for dead in an alley. I think I'm going to have this house for the rest of my life, because I'm already getting too old for this moving shit.

What else? Well, the cats were majorly freaked out, as you'd expect. Nova stayed in the cat carrier for several minutes after I brought him over, hissing and growling at the house, which was really rather cute, in a sad way. But they seem to be settling in OK now.

I've got a ton of e-mail and stuff to answer, plus, y'know, the whole moving-in thing going on, so if any of you are expecting to hear from me on a more one-to-one basis, you may be expecting for a while. We'll see how often I'm in need of an internet break...

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