Monday, July 30, 2007

There Are Strong Currents In My Topic Drift.

Apparently every Harry Potter conversation I have eventually turns into a Doctor Who conversation. I'm not entirely sure what that means.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Like A Bat Out Of Hell

Your Score: Atheist

Holy Crap! You're taking -90 souls with you to hell!

-116 to -85

On the plus side: You dont believe in ANYTHING! You look at things objectively and search for the truth wihtout having to resort to crazy magical ideas. You're probably smarter than a lot of the population too

On the negative side: You're probably arrogant, make fun of religion, disgruntled a lot, and self-important and think churches are just an excuse to get money out of people. But then again you may not be far from the truth

The Categories
Sunday Christian

Link: The Very Offensive Religion Test written by youallwantme on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

Minus 90? Does that mean I'm taking 90 souls out of hell? Cool! Well, it would be cool, if I believed in hell. Perhaps it's metaphorical.

And, Wow...

I can't believe I missed the opportunity to make a "Spock's Brain" joke in that last post. I am totally slipping.

Just In Case Star Trek Was Feeling Left Out of My Pop Cultural Landscape

It seems Zachary Quinto has now been cast to play the young Mr. Spock in the next Star Trek movie. I only know the guy from Heroes, but based on that... I dunno. You could do worse, I guess. He's got the eyebrows for it, if nothing else. I still think the whole concept behind this movie is hideously misguided, though.

Meanwhile, Matt Damon has laid to rest persistent rumors about him playing Kirk. Ooh, let's see if I can figure out how to embed video here...

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Flushed With Success

My toilet is all fixed now. Yay! I'm sure you were all terribly worried about it.

As it happens, I was correct both in that a) I probably could have put things back together myself, and b) it was a good idea to have the professionals come and do it to ensure that it wouldn't break again. Turned out what happened was that a little washer thingy on the end of the hose (which I'm pretty sure I installed according to instructions when I replaced the fill valve thingy a couple of years ago) popped off, finally, under the pressure of all that H2O. Instead of just putting it back the way it was, which is what I probably would have done, the plumbers instead installed a new hose with the washer bit already very firmly attached. I'm not exactly thrilled about having to pay the money (which was fairly reasonable by plumbers' standards, but still non-trivial), but I'd say it was worth it both for peace of mind, given that if it had broken again while I wasn't home the results could have been deeply awful, and for me not having to spend an afternoon mucking around with a toilet.

Speaking of Spoilers...

God damn it, now there are Lost spoilers on the CNN home page? WTF?

(Note: the first link goes to the article, which I have not actually read, but if you want to be spoiled more than the headline and the picture already do, go for it.)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


On the upside, I got my plush DRD in the mail today, and it it insanely huggable.

Now if only it was real and could fix my toilet...

Apres Moi Le Deluge

I've discovered a new Really Not Good Way to Wake Up: being jolted into consciousness by a sudden, continuous, loud whooshing roaring sound coming from your bathroom. Or, more specifically, from a hose in your bathroom that used to be attached to your toilet.

I have no idea how this happened. My first inclination to blame the cats, but as far as I can tell, none of them are particularly wet.

Fortunately, no great damage was done, other than to my sleep, as I was able to get the water shut off before the flooding grew too dire. I've been debating whether to take the toilet apart and try to fix whatever-went-wrong myself, but upon reflection, it's entirely possible that whatever the hell happened, it is at least partially traceable to something I did the last time I tried to fix the toilet. So I'm thinking I'm gonna call a plumber.

Farscape News... Sort Of

TV Guide now has a short article about the forthcoming Farscape "webisodes," featuring some comments from Brian Henson. Not much in the way of information there, though, except for the fact that they're going to be 3-6 minute snippets, which is much less than I was hoping for. (I was thinking we'd get ten minutes, at least!)

But apparently he is hoping that it'll lead to more and better things, which is what I've been hoping for, too. *keeps fingers crossed*

Monday, July 23, 2007

I Take No Responsibility for Any Spoilers That May Appear In The Comments.

Oh, and, yes, I have now finished the Harry Potter, so you may now talk to me about it here if you wish.

I liked it well enough, although it probably says something about me that my main reaction was to wonder, with a sense of amused curiosity, which bits the Doctor cried at.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Geek Shopping!

I couldn't resist. I had to buy one of these.

(Also: I have my copy of the new Harry Potter book. Haven't started it yet, though. Anybody who spoils me before I finish will get a DRD sicced on them.)

Friday, July 20, 2007


Gaah. Why is the entire human race annoying me today?

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Linear Thinking

Your Score: Linear B

You scored

You are Linear B. Even those who can follow you think you're all Greek to them. Which, after all, is true - Linear B being the first known text for written Greek. To most people, you're incomprehensible. But what do you care? You're tough, hard, long-enduring and have greater nobility than most. Naturally, you don't admit to borrowing extensively from your brother Linear A.

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I Could Go For A Cheezeburger.

Your Score: Cheezburger cat

52 % Affection, 54 % Excitability , 53 % Hunger

Sure, you deserve one. You helped popularized lolcats from a running gag to an online sensation. Now mainstream media writes asinine columns on this 'phenomenon', students write theses on the topic, programming languages adopt the grammar, and losers write tests about them on dating sites. Now take your cheezburger and never touch the internets again.

Link: The Which Lolcat Are You? Test written by GumOtaku on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Well, Frell Me Dead!

OK, this, if true, is the most exciting piece of SF-TV related news I've heard in ages. (And given some of the stuff Doctor Who's done in recent weeks, that's saying something.)

I quote from what is purported to be a press release from the Sci Fi Channel:

It's the return everyone's been frelling waiting for! SCIFI.COM has ordered a 10-part webisode series based on the multi-award-winning Farscape, the fan and critical darling that has been widely recognized as one of the greatest sci-fi series in television history. Executive produced by Brian Henson and Robert Halmi, Jr., and produced by The Jim Henson Company, in association with RHI Entertainment, the series will revive and expand the beloved Farscape universe.

Of course, even while I'm all excited, I'm also nervous... Surely, there are at least a hundred ways to screw that up?

Friday, July 13, 2007

Another Year Already?

But I don't want to be thirty-six! I'd sort of gotten used to being thirty-five.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

...And Random Computer-Related Bitching

Ah. So, when they say "upgrade iTunes," apparently what they actually mean is "downgrade iTunes." Good to know. May have been better to know before I did it, though.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Random Post of Whineage

Aaargh. I'm having a hell of a time switching off night shift. No matter when I go to bed, I wake up at 3 PM. Last night I went to bed at 4:00, tossed and turned until after dawn... and, yep, woke up at 3 PM. And then, of course, it was absolutely, vitally necessary to spend an hour and a half drinking coffee and surfing the internet before I felt remotely ready to face the world. Which would be fine, except that I've still got to go and put in a day's work. And I don't want to, if only because there are non-work things I really need to do, having put them off yesterday while I was sitting around watching DVDs, or whatever the hell it was I actually did yesterday.

And I still haven't called to see about getting my roof fixed after it started leaking again last week.

Sigh. There are times when I really do long for existence as a brain in a jar. I'd be so much better at it than I am at pretending to be a functional human being. Barring that possibility, I'm starting to think it may be time for one of those take-off-work-but-don't-go-anywhere mental health vacations...

Sunday, July 08, 2007

A Very Brief TV-Watching Update

I will say, Supernatural does get a lot more interesting as it leads up to the first-season finale...

*goes off to watch it*

Well, That's It. There's No Point In Me Reading The Book Now.

My Harry Potter Spoiler of Doom is:
Moaning Myrtle kills Draco Malfoy in the lounge, with the candlestick
Get your Harry Potter Spoiler of Doom

Friday, July 06, 2007

Drifting With The "Currently"

Current clothes: Black t-shirt with a picture of the Milky Way galaxy and an arrow saying "you are here." Blue jeans. Black belt. White socks. Black sneakers.

Current mood: Pretty good. Especially by contrast with yesterday, when I was feeling all cranky and irritable and full of vague existential angst. I think the difference is almost entirely attributable to the fact that I got plenty of sleep today. It's almost frightening how dependent my mental state is on my sleeping patterns.

Current music: I've been listening to randomly-generated playlists again. Most recently played: an extended version of the theme song to Angel.

Current annoyance: My eyeglass frames are slightly out of alignment, and my roof is leaking again. And all that helpful, restorative sleep I got today occurred during precisely the hours when I could have done anything about those problems.

Current thing: Being even more obsessive than usual over Doctor Who.

Current desktop picture: This wallpaper from the BBC's official Doctor Who website, featuring the Doctor and a guest character who shows up toward the end of the season.

Current book: The World According to Garp, since I didn't get to it on my trip. It's taking me forever to read it, though. I keep getting distracted by random shiny things. Like Doctor Who.

Current song in head: "I Can't Decide" by the Scissor Sisters. Which is also Doctor Who's fault, damn it.

Current DVD in player: Disc 5 of season one of Supernatural. Having seen most of the season now, I still think the premise is interesting, and I still like the characters, but I just really haven't been able to get all that into it. Which is kind of sad, as it seems to be a lot of Farscape fans' new televisual obsession of choice, and I was kind of hoping I'd be able to follow them there.

Current refreshment: Nothing at the moment. I had some lemon-ginger green tea a little while ago. That was very nice.

Current worry: That the goddamn roof is going to keep deciding to start leaking about once a year, which does seem to be its current pattern. And I'm not sure if it's still under warranty any more, either.

Current thought: "I can't decide whether you should live or die..." Damned supervillains and their evil plots to get songs stuck in people's heads.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The British Are Coming!

Independence Day may be just around the corner, but come July 6th, the British will be back! Yes, that's right, Doctor Who starts back up on the Sci Fi Channel this Friday! For those of my fellow Americans who've had the patience (or suffered under enough technical limitations) to wait instead of obtaining this season's episodes by swifter, albeit more legally dubious, means, let me just say that you have a hell of an interesting (if perhaps slightly bumpy) ride ahead of you.

And, I must admit, I'm sort of chuckling evilly, because I find myself thinking that I could tell you stuff that happens, quote you lines of dialog, describe certain images that, while out of context, would be the absolute, literal truth of what's on the screen, and you would be absolutely certain I was making shit up. But I'm not going to do that, of course... If the rest of the internet hasn't spoiled you already, there's no way I'm going to do it here.