Monday, October 30, 2017

Where I Am

In case anybody is wondering where I am, I am in Delaware.  I flew out here on Friday, because Saturday was my grandmother's 90th birthday. My family threw her a surprise party, and my being here was part of the surprise. Hence why I didn't post about it ahead of time, even though, honestly, the odds of my grandmother seeing anything whatsoever on the internet are exactly zero.

Anyway, more when I get back. But at least you know I'm alive and well!

Monday, October 09, 2017

October Currentlies

Because time keeps marching on...

Current clothes: Blue jeans. A souvenir t-shirt from Hawaii that my mom insisted on buying me when we were there a few years ago. It's red, with a picture of islands and flowers and palm trees.

Current mood: Bleh. It seems to be taking longer and longer these days for my circadian rhythms to recover after a week of night shifts. I think I actually got a roughly adequate amount of sleep last night, but it sure doesn't feel like it.

Current music: Nothing right at the moment, but earlier in the week, I was listening to some Tom Petty and feeling sad.

Current annoyance: Teeth. Things may have healed up really well where my tooth was pulled, but the gap is still driving me crazy. And today I have an appointment to go in for a new crown. (Actually, I need one new one, and one old one replaced.) I am not looking forward to it. Crown prep is only slightly less annoying than a root canal.

Current thing: Moaning that I have way too many damned things to do, and then putting them off. Sigh.

Current desktop picture: Still the Twelfth Doctor. Probably I should give him a rest soon. But he is so great!

Current book: Borne by Jeff VanderMeer.

Current song in head: "Time to Move On" by Tom Petty. *sniffle*

Current refreshment: I just put the kettle on a few minutes ago, and then forgot about it. BRB, getting tea. ... OK. Now I have mint tea. Or I will, as soon as it's finished steeping.

Current DVD in player: Just finished disk 1 of season 1 of The Guild

Current happy thing: Um... I'm actually doing pretty good at buying fewer books than I read lately. That's something, right? The two-out/one-in system is really helping, somewhat to my surprise. Even if I have let myself get a little bit ahead of where I should be on it.

Current thought: Don't eat sugary snacks, kids! I am a bad dental role model.