Friday, March 01, 2019

March Currentlies

Well, we've made it to March. February, I'm afraid, was not the greatest month for me, mainly because my stupid cat finally failed his diabetes test. Not that it's surprising. Given how obese he is, I've been half-expecting it for years. I now have to give him an insulin shot twice a day, which is not, in itself, too bad. He sits still for it just fine, and it's not too hard to do. But I was given firm instructions that it needs to be administered every twelve hours, consistently. Which, depending on what shift I'm working and how I'm rotating, ranges from mildly inconvenient to massively disruptive and sleep-destroying, to literally impossible without access to a time machine. SIGH. Worse still, he's supposed to eat exactly half his daily intake of food at those twelve-hour intervals, but you try explaining that to him.

In happier news, I also got a new coffee table. So that's nice, I guess.

Current clothes: Green sweats. A white t-shirt with copies of various M.C. Escher prints on it. White socks.

Current mood: Not 100%. I had some bad gastrointestinal issues and no sleep on Wednesday night, and spent pretty much all of yesterday lying on the sofa feeling wrung-out and sorry for myself, drifting in and out of consciousness. I'm a lot better today. I mean, I'm actually eating food (albeit very carefully). But still kind of weak.

Current music: Nothing much. Oh, except for this sultry jazz cover of the Pinky & the Brain theme song.

Current annoyance: The fallible nature of both human and feline bodies.

Current thing: Poking the cat with a needle twice a day, apparently.

Current desktop picture: Still the same bookish one as last month. I really need to find something new and cool.

Current book: The Monster Baru Cormorant by Seth Dickinson.

Current song in head: "Baby Shark". Send help.

Current refreshment: Mint tea.

Currently watching: Just finished season 2 of The Handmaid's Tale

Current happy thing: The weather is lovely. Of course, it kept doing that during February and then plunging back down into the frozen depth of winter again, but maybe it's finally over now.

Current thought: Clearly what the internet needed was a sultry jazz cover of the Pinky & the Brain theme song. I mean, clearly.