Wednesday, February 07, 2018

February Currentlies

Yes, it's this yet again...

Current clothes: Red t-shirt that says "If this shirt is blue, you're going too fast." Dark blue jeans. White socks. Brown boots.

Current mood: Not too bad. I was in a super good mood yesterday, and some of that has carried over into today, but it is tempered by a few annoyances, especially the knowledge that tomorrow my weekend is over and I have to go back into work at stupidly early hours.

Current music: Nothing, really.

Current annoyance: Well, the biggest one is that I really, really want to just get back to having my usual number of teeth. All this dental mucking around is getting very, very old.

Current thing: I may have spent much of my time off last week binge-watching both seasons of The Good Place, and may now be binge-listening to a podcast about The Good Place, whose episodes are at least three times the length of the episodes of the show they're discussing. Maybe.

Current desktop picture: It's still the 12th Doctor. I really, really need to move on. But I'm not ready for 13th Doctor wallpaper yet, no matter how excited I am to meet her, so I'm not sure what to replace it with.

Current book: A Life in Parts by Bryan Cranston.

Current song in head: Nothing at the moment, but when I woke up this morning, it appeared to be "See You in Sepetember" for reasons I do not remotely understand.

Current refreshment: Mint tea.

Current DVD in player: Haven't watched anything since I finished streaming The Good Place. Which I may need to watch again. Maybe.

Current happy thing: It's nice to find shows you enjoy. Also, the weather is lovely.

Current thought: I recently replaced my refrigerator, which was aging, and had a rusty dent in the front, and was experiencing worrying temperature swings. I have now also replaced my microwave, which suddenly stopped working on me, which is kind of nice, because I hated that microwave and have been waiting for it to die on me for years so I could justify replacing it. So, yay for shiny new appliances, I guess!