Monday, May 08, 2017

May Currentlies

See, I didn't disappear forever at the end of April. I am back to do this thing again!

Current clothes: Blue jeans and a brown t-shirt with a picture of a very groggy-looking owl holding a cup of coffee, which will probably be an accurate depiction of me come the morning, since I'm starting a week of night shifts tonight.

Current mood: OK. Slightly out of it in that way I sometimes am when I'm starting nights and have tried to make myself sleep too long.

Current music: Nothing much. I'm back to trying to catch up on podcasts again.

Current annoyance: The jeans I'm wearing feel a little snug. This is annoying. There is entirely too much of me filling up my jeans already.

Current thing: Well, I'm still having a fair amount of success with the "one in, two out" TBR management scheme. I am a couple of books ahead on the "in" entries, admittedly, but I should be able to make that up soon.

Current desktop picture: Still this. But I should check and see if the BBC has any wallpaper of the current Doctor and companion. I really want to spent some time looking at them before they're gone.

Current book: Just finished When the People Fell by Cordwainer Smith, I'm now about to start The End or Something Like That by Ann Dee Ellis.

Current song in head: "First of May" by Jonathan Coulton. Which has been stuck in there since at least the first of May.

Current refreshment: Nothing, but I'm really, really hungry. I need to go and eat lunch, or dinner, or whatever you call it when I eat pizza at 4:30 PM when I'm on night shifts.

Current DVD in player: Most recently, Arrival. Which made no scientific sense, but otherwise wasn't bad.

Current happy thing: I had a really great weekend, at least by my own introvert standards. Watched a couple of movies and some great TV, did a little reading, took some walks, played some computer games, got a bunch of things done in ways that made me feel like I was really accomplishing something... What more could one ask for?

Current thought: Sooooooo huuuuuuuungry.