Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Sort of a Random Links Post

This Twitter feed is my new favorite thing. Unless maybe it's this Tumblr.

Friday, February 27, 2015

He Lived Long And Prospered

There are some people whose work is so much a part of our lives that it seems inconceivable that they might ever one day not be around. Leonard Nimoy is -- was -- is one of these people. Dammit.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Now I'm Cookin' With Gas! Well, I Was Before. But Now I'm Doing It Better.

So, I still haven't replaced my living room furniture, which has literally had the stuffing clawed out of it by cats, or even started looking into having my deteriorating concrete replaced. But I have a new stove! I finally got fed up with the old one when the second burner on it stopped working. But, really, it should have been replaced years ago. Y'know, when the metal on the stovetop starts to chip and crumble away, that's a sign your stove is getting a little too old. Plus, it's an annoying stove. The temperature dial only has a few random values marked on it, leaving you to guess at the rest, and the burners have big ol' holes through which debris can fall into an area that's damn near impossible to clean. But! But my new one has a digital display that tells you the temperature! And a timer! And an automatic preheat! And should be really easy to clean!

Tonight, I shall make celebratory tostadas. I shall crisp the tortillas in my new oven (which is easier and probably healthier than frying them) and brown the ground beef on my new burners, and, lo, it shall be a glorious Mexican feast!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Time Machines And Teeth

My latest annoyance: last night I was happily munching on a piece of bread -- bread, mind you, and not even stale bread -- when I suddenly found myself thinking, "Huh, that bit of bread was unusually crunchy." Followed by, "Huh, I suddenly seem to have less chewing surface left to eat this bread with." Or something to that effect, but less coherent.

Yep, that's right. I broke a chunk off my tooth. Aaargh. Fortunately, they were able to fit me in at the dentist today, and I was able to get someone to cover for me at work. (Because, of course, this sort of thing never happens on my days off.) Even more fortunately, it turns out I didn't need a crown this time; they were able to rebuild the missing tooth chunk with a bit of metal and some filling. Still, that was not so much fun. They gave me so much novocaine my eye went numb, and now that it's finally wearing off, my mouth is starting to protest the manhandling. Stupid teeth.

Well, to cheer myself up, I'm going to watch my new favorite video a bunch of times.

Is that not amazing? Seriously, new favorite video ever.

Monday, February 09, 2015

February Currentlies

Current clothes: Blue jeans. A brown t-shirt from Uluru, Australia. White socks.

Current mood: Not too bad. A little tired, maybe, which isn't great, since I have to switch over onto night shifts soon. But, overall, fairly relaxed and upbeat.

Current music: Victims of the Modern Age by Star One. This is a Dutch metal band that writes songs about science fiction movies (and the occasional TV show). It is, of course, impossible for this not to be awesome. (I do think this one isn't quite as awesome as their first one, but then, how could it be? There is no Blake's 7.)

Current annoyance: Ants. My evil six-legged nemeses!

Current thing: I have been getting a fair amount of stuff done lately, since I've had a bit more time and some actual money. (Example: my front doorbell now works for the first time in months! Many, many months.) And when I'm not attempting to be productive, I'm playing The Sims 4. Which is pretty much the exact opposite of productive. Thus do I achieve balance in my life.

Current desktop picture: This picture of Uncle Iroh from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Because Iroh is the best.

Current book: You Can Date Boys When You're Forty by Dave Barry, who never fails to be funny.

Current song in head: It's been something of a random mishmash lately, but for the last few days, nothing seems particularly inclined to stick.

Current refreshment: Peach tea.

Current DVD in player: Nothing at the moment, but most recently the second disc of season 5 of Archer.

Current worry: That I will lose my war against the ants. Which, even apart from the possibility of them eating my house, will mean that I cannot get my drippy bathtub faucet fixed, because I cannot ask the plumbers to work inside a wall that is crawling with ants. I think that would be entirely too much to expect.

Current thought: My mind just went completely blank.

Saturday, January 31, 2015


After all that money to fix my roof, it is leaking. Again. Around the skylight. Again. Also, either the ants came back or never entirely went away, because there is a giant, crawly mass of them living in the wall behind my bathtub.

These things can be dealt with. I hope. But, man, I am tired of dealing with things. I am tired of adult responsibilities and long lists of things to do, and my inner child just wants to throw a whiny-brat tantrum about it. "I don't wanna! I don't wanna! My life is so haaaaaaaaard!" Shut up, inner child.

Well, at least I have this woman telling me I shouldn't feel guilty about having so many unread books:

Although I can't help thinking that maybe she really doesn't mean this many.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Glasses Update

...Except now I have a crick in my neck from trying to watch TV while lying down, because I practically have to point my chin at the floor to properly make out words on the bottom of the screen. Apparently the solution to this is, "Yeah, don't watch TV lying down, 'cause your glasses aren't made for that." DO NOT WANT.

Eye Eye Eye!

I finally have my new glasses, with the new progressive lenses. And they're not quite as freaky and disturbing as I kept worrying they would be, so that's good. Although it might be more accurate to say that they're freaky and disturbing in ways that are less constant and a bit more subtle than I was expecting. Looking at a computer screen is mostly OK. Staring straight ahead into the far or middle distance is great. Turning my head or moving my eyes too quickly can be quite unpleasant, though. And looking at my feet or the ground in front of me tends to yield unsatisfactory results.

Still. Tilting my head up and down to change things back and forth from blurry to focused is almost kind of entertaining to do, and I can see how it could become second nature rather than an interesting novelty, given a little time. And while I was coming back from the eye doctor's I even pulled out a book and tried reading while walking down the street. Turned out to be totally doable, despite some slight weirdness if the book jiggles around too much. Which is a relief; that was something I was expecting to have problems with.

Reading while lying on the sofa, which I only had the chance to try very briefly, did seem kinda tricky, just as the internet had warned me it would be. Which is not a great, as lying on the sofa and reading is basically my best thing. But it doesn't seem impossible to do in a comfortable way, just like it needs a little adaptation.

In the meantime, though... Well, my eyes feel kind of weird. And I wish they didn't. Stupid eyes.