Monday, October 01, 2018

October Currentlies

I honestly don't know what business it has being the first of October already. But since it is, here I am again.

The main event in my life in September was that I spent a few days in California visiting my mother. It was a very low-key trip. I helped her with some stuff around the house and we sort of hung out. It made for kind of a nice break.

Anyway. On to the usual stuff.

Current clothes: Blue jeans. A t-shirt with a picture of various Doctor Who monsters crossing Abbey Road, which was given to me by someone who knows me entirely too well. Also Doctor Who socks with a TARDIS image on them. But I bought those myself.

Current mood: Kind of tired. It may be Monday for most of the world, but I've already had a long workweek, and it's not over yet.

Current music: More completely random stuff. This morning, the musical algorithm gave me Pink Floyd, Fairport Convention, Klaatu, Tom Lehrer, and some guy with a filk song about Seinfeld. My music collection, ladies and gentlemen.

Current annoyance: My foot continues to bother me, but it seems just enough like it might be getting better that I still can't decide whether I should make a podiatrist appointment or not.

Current thing: I have instituted a plan I call the Whole-House Cleaning Project, in which I will, little by little, often in small spare moments, clean my entire house, including all the little nooks and crannies that never get any attention, as well as doing various organizational and repair tasks that might need doing. I'm starting at the front of the house and working my way around in some sort of orderly fashion. Or that's the idea, anyway. So far, it's been over a month, and I've cleaned, basically, the front door (inside and out! with the screen door!) and a small section of wall around it. So it's going to take a while.

Current desktop picture: Still the 12th Doctor. But we will have a new Doctor soon! Maybe I will replace it then.

Current book: The Best American Essays 2011, edited by Edwidge Danticat. Yes, 2011. It takes me a while to get around to these things.

Current song in head: Toto's "Africa" keeps getting stuck in my head, largely because I keep encountering it everywhere. Which bemuses me. I'm not sure which of the songs from my youth I would have predicted getting huge amounts of love in 2018, but I'm pretty sure it would not have been that one.

Current refreshment: Peppermint tea.

Currently watching: Just started season 3 of Ash vs. Evil Dead.

Current happy thing: I have some more vacation time coming up soon. Which I plan to spent just not working. Not working being my all-time favorite thing to do.

Current thought: New Doctor soon!!! I am stoked. But also, as I always am, a little trepidatious, especially because I'm still not 100% sure how I feel about the new showrunner. Mostly stoked, though.