Sunday, July 08, 2007

A Very Brief TV-Watching Update

I will say, Supernatural does get a lot more interesting as it leads up to the first-season finale...

*goes off to watch it*


  1. I'd watch TV but since it's going to be 102 tomorrow with no AC in the house :(
    Believe it or not I'll be thankful to be at work, although the hottest part of the day will be like 3pm leaving like of time to roast after I get home. Remember our normal high is like high 70's to 80 this time of year.
    I think I'll take the young one to a movie/mall or something. Or just ride around in the car burning up gas with the AC on.

    Anyway, for the few hot hot days air conditioning isn't work it. However, I noticed that the last few years we've had more days over 90 than usual. Hmmmm... Maybe Al Gorce is right...

  2. whoopps I mean Al Gore not Al Gorce.

  3. The show is pretty tight overall, some bleh episodes - the Sam falls for a werewolf ep. is easily the worst of Season 2.
    Season one wise, I liked the early episodes of Wendigo and Phantom Traveller. I bought season one on spec and wasn't disappointed. One friend of mine did not want to watch the show but borrowed my copy and got into it.
    Have you seen the original series of Kolchak the Noght Stalker?

  4. Betty,
    Knowing my tastes do you think Supernatural would be a show I would like?

  5. Kathy: Poor baby. Heh. I still remember the time I visited you guys and everybody kept incredulously asking me if I weren't insanely hot, and didn't I want to put on shorts, and how could I stand it? Whereas I was enjoying the nice, cool weather. I don't think it passed 80! I imagine you guys are melting if it's made the triple-digits. :)

    Magnus: I actually just thought those episodes were OK. I suppose I get tired of monster-of-the-week stories very quickly unless there's something special about them, although there are a few that worked really well for me. (The Bloody Mary story, for example, creeped the hell out of me as a kid, so that one was more effective on me than one might expect. :)) It really wasn't really until the arc-y stuff picked up at the end of the season that I did start to feel at all hooked. The last few episodes, I liked rather a lot, and they've pretty much ensured all on their own that I will be back for season 2.

    Kathy again: Dunno. If I had to guess, I suspect you might have pretty much the same reaction to it as I do: decent potential, some fun moments, good characters, but a bit lacking in that special spark. Worth watching but not as absorbing as it could be, at least not for most of season 1. You could give it a shot and see what you think. It's biggest strength, pretty much without question, is in the dynamic between the brother protagonists. Dean, in particular, is great: wise-cracking, good-looking, and with a lot more depth than he'd like you to think. It's possible that the show might be worth watching just for him. I think a lot of people do feel that way about it, actually.

  6. I liked the show early on, but it felt very monster-of-the-week to me, and I quit watching after a few weeks. I tuned in a few months later for a single episode -- c'mon, Amber Benson as a vampire! How could I not? -- but I wasn't really compelled to keep watching.

    Maybe if Netflix adds it to the "Watch Now" section...