Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Farscape News... Sort Of

TV Guide now has a short article about the forthcoming Farscape "webisodes," featuring some comments from Brian Henson. Not much in the way of information there, though, except for the fact that they're going to be 3-6 minute snippets, which is much less than I was hoping for. (I was thinking we'd get ten minutes, at least!)

But apparently he is hoping that it'll lead to more and better things, which is what I've been hoping for, too. *keeps fingers crossed*


  1. Yeah, this isn't necessarily worrying, but it does seem less and less like it's the series coming back in any truly significant fashion.

  2. To be honest, I never really expected something that would genuinely feel like the series coming back for real. Snippets I'll take. I just wish they were bigger snippets.

    Still, it does seem promising. Apparently Sci Fi thinks there's still enough interest in the show to be worth dipping in a toe...