Saturday, July 21, 2007

Geek Shopping!

I couldn't resist. I had to buy one of these.

(Also: I have my copy of the new Harry Potter book. Haven't started it yet, though. Anybody who spoils me before I finish will get a DRD sicced on them.)


  1. That's very cool!

    Ok as far as Harry Potter goes I predict Voldemort doesn't make it :) I had a very busy weekend and only just cracked open the book. No one shall talk to me this evening. P.S. I accidently called you at 10pm on Saturday night during the intermission at the Rush sorry!

  2. that was meant to read
    "intermission at the Rush concert"

  3. Gutsy prediction there, Kath. :) But I will not talk to you about the book until you've finished it, yes. *zips lip*

    And I was at work at 10 PM on Saturday, so I don't care whether you accidentally called me or not. :) How was the Rush concert, by the way? I am jeaaaaalous!

    And did you make it to the Harry Potter party thing, or did you poop out and pick up your book the next day?

  4. I pooped out and picked up the book when the store opened at 9am but wasn't really able to get much read that morning.

    I Rush concert was great, they played some different stuff during the first half which was awesome. You can always count on them to put on a great show! This is the fourth time we've seen them and always worth it. I actually like the new album much better than Vapor Trails the last month. Didn't care for that one, but like Test for Echo.

  5. I must pick up that album!

    *adds it to Amazon list*