Saturday, April 16, 2005

Moving Update (Because If I Have to Live Through It, You Have to Hear About It)

Well, after two days of concentrated effort, the number of books I still have to move is now down into the triple digits. Yay!

Actually, a fair percentage of my stuff is over at the new place now. So I'm doing pretty darned good. It's kind of freaking the cats out, though. Well, OK, they were freaked out by all the in-and-out and stuff disappearing, but then they kind of lost interest and went off to take a nap. Because, you know, they're cats.

Me, I'm now twice as sore as I was when I got up this morning, and I'm thinking it's about time to knock off the heavy lifting and do a bit of Recuperative Lying Around the (Nearly Empty) House. I might even go see Sin City at the crappy local theater tonight, we'll see. Either way, I think I've earned some downtime.

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