Thursday, April 14, 2005

iPod Ching

OK, I've encountered this amusing "iPod Ching" meme around... And, I swear, I wasn't intending to apply it when I called up a random playlist just now, but it just works too well. So, here. Marvel at the powers of divination by song!

Song One - The problem at hand: "Talk to You" by Anthony Stewart Head
Sample lyric: And all I can do/Is wait until the next time/That I hear your sweet voice on the line
Interpretation: I'm an antisocial hermit, and I don't call people on the phone nearly often enough.

Song Two - Your feelings on same: "The Day Begins" by the Moody Blues
Sample lyric: Night time, to some a brief interlude,/To others the fear of solitude.
Interpretation: I'm a solitary night person.

Song Three - The environment in which you operate: "Intergalactic Laxative" by Star One
Sample lyric: wherever man has conquered on the quest for frontiers new/I'm glad he's always had to do the no. one and two/it makes it all so ordinary just like you and me/to know the greatest heroes they had to shit and pee!
Interpretation: I'm walking around with my head in the stars all the time, but I still have to worry about the -- ahem -- practical shit.

Song Four - Immediate action to be taken: "You Won't See Me" by the Beatles
Sample lyric: I don’t know why/You should want to hide/But I can’t get through/My hands are tied
Interpretation: I am destined become even more of a hermit, and never talk to anybody.

Song Five - Likely outcome: "Your Horoscope" by Weird Al Yankovic
Sample lyric: The stars predict tomorrow you'll wake up, do a bunch of stuff, and then go back to sleep
Interpretation: I will realize that this fortune-telling stuff is complete bunk and laugh at it.

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