Sunday, April 17, 2005

I Blame the Shelves

This moving into a new house thing is expensive, and not just for the obvious reasons. No, it's the tiny little expenses that are the most insidious. Because they send me into stores where I can buy other things, things that I did not come in for.

I just went into the damned Wal-Mart to buy shelf liner and spackle. And then I thought, hmm, it'd be really nice if I had some new music to listen to while I'm spackling and lining shelves. Next thing I know, there's three CDs in my cart. And then, somehow, I decided that what I desperately needed was a giant outdoor thermometer. With a humidity gauge. Because I know exactly where I can put it so I can look out my living room window and see what the weather's like outside without going out. And anything that keeps me from having to go outside for any reason is a good thing, I guess.

And then... Then I remembered I still needed to buy a birthday present for my nephew. Kid says he wants Star Wars toys. Man, it is totally unfair for cute little kids to ask me for geek-toys in their cute-little-kid voices. It's like a double whammy. The kid's gonna get more Star Wars toys from me than any four-year old realistically needs, apparently. I just... sort of got caught up in the excitement of toy-buying. Which is kind of ironic, really, because I'm not remotely excited about the movie at all.

Sigh. Good thing I went for a house with a low mortgage payment.

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