Monday, April 18, 2005

A Couple of Random Observations

Random Observation #1: It's interesting the things you discover when you go through the stuff in your closets. Apparently I have bought a new roll of wrapping paper every Christmas since I've lived here, used about a third of it, and put the rest of the roll in the back of the closet, where I then proceeded to forget its existence and repeat the cycle all over again. I shouldn't need to buy Christmas paper again for a good long time, assuming I can remember all these rolls exist this time.

Random Observation #2: Every time I install mini-blinds, I always seem to end up with more parts left over than I actually use. I have the vague feeling that this should bother me more than it does. But, hey, I figure if I barely know what a valance is, there's no reason I should need to install clips for one. Right?

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