Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Another Goofy Time-Wasting Meme

OK, this provided a few moments of amusement, because playing around with machine translation is always fun. The rules: Take the lyrics to a well-known song. Feed them into Babelfish and translate them from English to German, German to French, then French back into English. Post the results and see how recognizable they are.

Here's what I got:
All my efforts seemed it yesterday look at now, as if they are here, to remain OH-, I believe inside yesterday until now far. I am not suddenly half to equip me used to be, gives a shade which hangs on me. OH -, came yesterday suddenly. Why I, why were to suit it you do not know that she would not say. I said false, now I a long time slightly for yesterday. The love was yesterday a such play simple to play. I require a place now to dissimulate me far. OH - that I believe inside yesterday.

OK, no points for guessing that one. But, honestly, is not "I require a place now to dissimulate me far," like, the best translation ever?

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