Saturday, April 09, 2005

And Nobody Sent Me a Card, Either.

I just realized that I missed my Blogiversary yet again. Maximum Verbosity turned three on April 5th, difficult as I find that to believe. (I mean, what the hell have I found to blather on about for three years?)

But this prompted me to do what I did last year when I realized I'd let the date go by without remark, and look back through the archives to see what fascinating things I was doing and blogging about on this date in history.

Three years ago, I was telling gaming stories. (And, y'know, I haven't done any gaming in ages. I'm kind of missing it.)

Two years ago, I was complaining about Blogger bugs.

And one year ago, I was, well, doing all this stuff.

Oh, yeah. It's a thrill-packed life I lead...

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