Monday, April 04, 2005

I'm Back. Sort of.

Still not feeling anything like 100%, but I've decided that I'm Feeling Better, damn it, whatever my body thinks, and I refuse to behave otherwise. So, I'm up and around and at work. Yippee.

In other news, I just got a call from my insurance agent. The company she set up my homeowner's insurance with just took a look at the house, and apparently they aren't happy, because it needs to be painted. Well, I knew it needed to be painted, but it didn't exactly seem urgent, and I figured it was something I could have done in maybe a year or two, when I happened to have the money. She didn't ask me whether the house needed to be painted, just whether the plumbing and electrical systems were in OK shape (which they are). I'm really hoping this isn't going to cause me problems, because a) I've already paid these people, and b) the other insurance company she found for me that would insure me despite the lack of central heating wanted, like, $200 a year more, which is just ridiculous. And I'm starting to run low on cash, damn it, once I've set aside the estimated amount I'll need at closing.

*mutter, grumble*

Hmm. My mother says she likes to paint. I wonder if she's up to painting the whole house, instead of just the kitchen...

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