Friday, March 04, 2005

Search Request Weekly

  • tiny toons emoticon: Very useful for when you absolutely need to convey the fact that you're making your Plucky Duck face.

  • claustrophobia "eighth doctor": As I recall, they did give him a touch of something like that in the books after he got stuck in a prison he couldn't get out of for two years. Given that he generally escapes from places in two minutes (assuming he's really trying), I could see how that might rattle him.

  • bradbury midi OR mp3 OR ogg OR wma "Something wicked this way comes" -Herbalizer -Iced -WARLOC: It's the implication that there were a lot of iced herbal warlocks coming up in the search results that gets me.

  • the-most-annoying-website-ever: Aww, come on, the blog's not that bad!

  • sneezing bloopers: Oops! Missed the hankie!

  • sometimes you eat the mongoose, sometimes the mongoose eats you Kipling: If Kipling didn't say that, he should have.

  • purchase Star Trek TNG Sweatpants: Like I don't have enough Trek-themed crap already.

  • Ben Browder Bare Chested Pic: Hey, I can't fault their taste, really.

  • Self-pics embarrassing: All my self-pics come out embarrassing. It's just impossible to hold the camera correctly when you're shooting yourself.

  • stories feminine swap mirror period lab: Sounds like there might be an interesting science fiction tale in there, but darned if I can quite figure out what it is.

  • bungee jumping grannys: Hey, more power to 'em. Me, I've got too many potential years to lose.

  • spock and kirk make love wav: Such interesting results you get from bugging Kirk's cabin...

  • pitbull attack mpg download: I think that was a Fox special.

  • philly cheesesteak exercise: Alas, it requires a lot of exercise to work off a Philly cheesesteak. Not that they aren't worth it.

  • "never too old" AND miniskirt: I hate to break it to you, but, yes, it is possible to be too old for a miniskirt.

  • lemony snicket porn fanfic: Oh, my brain just went bad, bad places. Excuse me, I must now go and scrub out the inside of my skull.

  • Tentonese Apparel: Now, that's what I'd call a specialty department.

  • Native bread banik: Alas, I fear the Banik's native bread-making processes may have all been lost when their planet was enslaved.

  • ophiucus traits: Well, it's made of stars...

  • UPS blog: I think this one's sort of counted, lately. Depending on what kind of UPS you're talking about, I guess.

  • star trek nurse chapel action figures: Why do I imagine poor Nurse Chapel's not exactly the most popular action figure in the toy store?
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