Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Music... In My Pants!

I encountered this very silly meme... somewhere. The rules are: Generate a random playlist on your favorite music-playin' gadget. Take the first twenty tracks. Write down the song titles, and add "in my pants" on to the end. Giggle at the results.

This seems to be vaguely related to the ancient practice of adding "in bed" to the end of fortune cookie statements, and more closely related to the list of Star Wars quotes which was floating around the internet quite some time ago, in which various strategic words were replaced with "pants." It's probably funnier if you're British, because British "pants" = American "underpants," but some of the results end up being hysterical on either side of the Atlantic. I'm, uh, not sure mine qualify, but what the heck. (Oh, and I've taken a few small liberties with the song title formats and the question of exactly where the additional phrase gets inserted. It's funnier that way. Sue me.)

The resulting song list:

Triangle in My Pants
Empty-Handed Heart in My Pants
Uncle John's Band in My Pants
Yoda in My Pants
I've Got a Theory in My Pants/Bunnies in My Pants/If We're Together in My Pants
Miscellany in My Pants
If You Could Read My Mind in My Pants
Wond'ring Aloud in My Pants
I Will Follow in My Pants
The Time Machine in My Pants (Part I)
God Part II in My Pants
Fast Food in My Pants
Shiny Happy People in My Pants
It's Still Rock & Roll to Me in My Pants
See Me Feel Me in My Pants
Can't Fight This Feeling in My Pants
The Quest for the Holy Grail in My Pants
A Common Disaster in My Pants
"Scorpio" End Credits in My Pants
Come Calling in My Pants (His Song)

(Feel free to take a trivia point for each of these whose artist you can identify. Some of them are a lot easier than others. And a couple aren't even actually songs.)

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