Tuesday, March 29, 2005

House Update

I'm feeling a certain degree of stress-reduction, because it looks like we've gotten over the last hurdle when it comes to things that could end up breaking the deal -- not that I thought it was going to -- and it seems like this whole house-buying thing is really, truly going to happen. The i's haven't been dotted and the t's crossed yet, but we did that thing where I -- with, I admit, some prompting, because I'm far too prone to shrugging my shoulders and going, "eh it's OK" in these kinds of situations -- made up a list of things the sellers ought to fix, based on the building inspection. Most of 'em were pretty simple, and the one I was most concerned about turned out not to be an actual problem at all, and they've now pretty much got it all taken care of. So, whee, I'm headed for homeownership!

However, I'm now really starting to stress about the insurance. I tried calling Geico for a quote a few weeks ago, and they proceeded to ask me these incredibly detailed questions, not all of which I knew the answers to, so they suggested I call back after I'd had the inspection done. Well, that took a lot longer to arrange than it was supposed to, so it was some time before I was able to call back. I went through the questions again, only to be told -- with an apparently genuine show of regret -- that they couldn't insure me because the house has these old wall heaters, and the insurance provider they agent for is really picky and won't insure any house without central heating. Great. My sister, who's in the insurance biz, suggested contacting an independent agent, rather than wasting my time calling different companies myself trying to figure out which of them would insure me. Fortunately, we do have one of those in town. She wasn't in when I called her yesterday, but her assistant took all the same information and told me they'd get on it first thing in the morning. Still haven't heard back from her yet, though, so I'm thinking if she doesn't call this afternoon, I'm going to give her a ring. Especially as I suddenly realized that I forgot to mention that I'm also going to need flood insurance. Aaargh! I really am starting to stress about this, because I've got this paperwork I've got to fill out for the title insurance, and they want the details of my homeowner's insurance ASAP. Possibly sooner than possible, actually, because there's this big ol' warning in bold letters on the form saying that they need this stuff two weeks before closing or there's probably going to be a delay on my closing date. I'm supposed to close on the 15th. *bites nails.*

Meanwhile, of course, I've got about six thousand pages of paperwork from the mortgage company to go over. Half of which are probably more requests for my insurance info. Sigh.

This'll all be over soon? Right?

[Note: I wrote this around noon, but Blogger proceeded to crash hard, and I wasn't able to post it until now. I've since spoken to the insurance agent's office again, and they're supposed to have me taken care of by tomorrow. *crosses fingers*]

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