Monday, March 14, 2005

I Am So Very, Very Not Happy.

I feel like complete crap, have I mentioned that? I've getting been insufficient sleep for days because I'm constantly waking up in a fit of sneezing, and I feel all drug-out and brain-dead and... crap.

So, I called work and said, listen, I'm probably not going to make it in tonight. And, well, OK, but, man, you know the boss is going to be unhappy, because the guy who's always taking off with one illness or family emergency or another is off again, and we've got this huge important project we're in the middle of, and she's already bringing in people from other departments to cover his shift because she wants to get it done, and...

Yeah, yeah, yeah. OK, fine, I'll go into bloody work. I mean, I'm capable of sitting in front of a computer -- I'm doing it now -- and my job doesn't necessarily require that much mental agility, or at least it shouldn't tonight. And I probably wouldn't be able to sleep if I stayed here and tried it, anyway, right?

But, hell, I want a fucking Employee of the Month medal or something.

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