Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Poor, Poor Pitiful Me

Remember my computer problem that turned out not to actually be a problem with my computer? Yeah, well, now it's doing something vaguely similar again, only this time it appears not to be the UPS. Unless the UPS is capable of some kind of spooky action at a distance, which I'm not sure I'd entirely put past it. Sigh. I'll poke at it some more when I get home, and if it doesn't miraculously fix itself, my plan is to run screaming in panic to a computer-geek friend. Everybody should have at least one computer-geek friend.

On a completely unrelated topic, I wish to express my opinion that menstruation is the single stupidest thing evolution ever invented. Even stupider than wiring our eyes in backwards.

Also, if my allergy pills say to take them once a day, why is it they seem to quit working after about eight hours, damn it?

I am so not having a good week.

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