Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Cheese It! The Vampire Cops!

So, now that I've finished the series run of Angel, I've turned my attention to that other vampire detective show. I was a really big fan of Forever Knight for a very brief while, but I originally saw a lot of it out of order, so it'll be nice to watch it through from beginning to end on DVD. It actually is quite interesting to watch this and Angel in such close proximity, and I'm sure there's a fascinating post to be made comparing and contrasting the two shows, their take on vampire lore, the way they deal with the concepts of guilt and redemption, and all kinds of great stuff. But I must be in a deeply shallow mood today, because the only comparison that I find truly worth making right now is that Geraint Wyn Davies is six thousand times hotter than David Boreanaz. No question.

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