Sunday, March 13, 2005

Search Request Weekly

Not too many this time out. Sorry.

  • nude trekkie pictures: I don't think your typical Trekkie is necessarily someone the world wants to see nude.

  • verbosity turn on: Well, this is one darned sexy blog.

  • PICTURES OF THE BREAST BARRING BY JANET JACKSON AT SUPERBOWL 2004: So, that'd be a shot of a bunch of FCC execs sitting around a table agreeing that breasts are not acceptable halftime material, right?

  • homonymophobia: Personally, I'm afraid of people who don't know the difference between "there," "their" and "they're."

  • car model Rupert Giles drives: The phrase "car model" immediately made me think of those scantily-dressed chicks they have at car shows, so reading the rest of that phrase sent my brain to an interesting place.

  • Wayne pygram appearance: It's considerably more normal without the Scorpius makeup.

  • Buffy smut talk fanfiction: Smut and talk? Demanding, aren't they?

  • Sims-make your sims boobs bigger: Clearly you need a Sim plastic surgeon.

  • related literature of chatbot about periodic table of elements: Sounds like kind of a limited chatbot, if that's all it talks about. Then again, I remember finding one online that could only talk about milk.
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