Sunday, March 20, 2005

Search Request Weekly

  • goth ticklish feet: Sounds like a good way to really piss off a goth.

  • buffy/angel: meant to be: Hate to break it to you, but no they weren't. (And I actually kind of like the fact that on that show Eternal True Love, uh, isn't.)

  • rabbit & top hat template for birthday party invitation: Nothing says "Happy Birthday" like a rabbit in a top hat!

  • etymology "hell's bells" history meaning: My guess would be that it doesn't mean anything, it just sounds cool because it rhymes. But now I'm wondering.

  • teller's kinky bedroom penn: I imagine there's all kinds of kinky things you could do with magician's stage props.

  • nude dwarf photos: Perhaps Bashful, in an attempt to overcome the image conjured up by his name, will decide to pose nude in Playgirl.

  • How many feet do astronuats must be under in order to travel in space: I'd quit worrying about the height requirements and just hope they don't ask you to pass a spelling and grammar test.

  • blogspot porn bloopers: This blog's pornographic bloopers will be available on the DVD release.

  • soolin nude: Hmm, maybe I should start collecting search requests for nude Blake's 7 characters. It's been ages since anybody came here looking for a nude Farscape character.

  • sadies first time: Don't worry, Sadie. The internet ceases to be intimidating after you've used it for a while.

  • Farscape season 4 confusing: Yeah, it kind of was, wasn't it?

  • nude pictures of neanderthal from the past: As opposed to those much less sexy modern-day neanderthals.

  • blog betty: Yes, blog me, baby!

  • disturbing ugliest nude pics: Sorry, I really don't want to look at your vacation photos.

  • tv soap opera star in bondage screencaps: Boy, the soaps really have gotten racy, haven't they?

  • sims 2 fanfic legolas aragorn lady: Does it count as fanfic if you get your sims to act it out for you?

  • giles wanderer class: What's Giles doing on the Scorpio?

  • who's the boss slouch socks: Wow, those are probably a collector's item on ebay.

  • unplug computer: You do that. Go outside and get some fresh air. It'll do you good.
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