Thursday, March 10, 2005

It's That Time of the Month

Yes, that's right, time for the "Currently" list again. Somehow, I never quite get tired of this, even if the rest of you probably do.

Current clothes: A black t-shirt that says, "So many books, so little time," blue jeans, brown belt, white crew socks.

Current mood: Tired. It's allergy season, so I got woken up early this morning by a head full of snot. Yum.

Current music: Most recently, Out of Time by R.E.M.

Current thing: Um, buying a house.

Current desktop picture: You know, it's still the same as last month. Well past time I changed it.

Current song in head: "Goodnight Saigon" by Billy Joel.

Current book: Knight Life by Peter David. It's got kind of a fun premise: King Arthur returns and runs for mayor of New York City. But I believe it's the first book David wrote -- or at least one of his earliest -- and, while he's revised it heavily for the current edition, I think his inexperience at the time still shows. So far, it's kinda so-so, but I can't help thinking that, in the hands of a decent director, it'd make a pretty cool movie.

Current video in player: A Farscape tape. I'm sure this shocks everyone.

Current DVD in player: None at the moment. In a little bit, it will be disc 4 of Angel season 5.

Current refreshment: Cranberry juice.

Current worry: This whole house thing has me all kinds of nervous.

Current thought: I'm hungry. I should post this and go get some food and watch some Angel.

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