Saturday, March 26, 2005

Search Request Weekly

Here's the latest batch:

  • "easter bunny pics" nude: You want to see him without his fur?!

  • kira nude patch free: Quark might be able to set you up with that, but it ain't gonna be free.

  • spandex story "tranquilizer dart": That sounds like an interesting story.

  • school hard buffy foreshadowing spike: Was there Spike-ish foreshadowing in that one? I can't remember.

  • elizabeth ragan: ...Is not my name. I had it put on some "certificate of achievement" or something once in elementary school, though, because the teacher steadfastly refused to believe that "Betty" could be my real name, no matter what I insisted.

  • "sleep is for tortises": Easy for a Time Lord to say...

  • Stark "Damage damage damage": Man, I love that scene.

  • werewolf scientfic evidence: Let me know if you find any. Or your missing "i," for that matter.

  • trailer park trash ascii art: Somehow, I doubt ascii art is a particularly common pastime among those who might be described as "trailer trash."

  • snow cold nude pics: Well, yeah, I imagine you would be cold if you were nude in the snow!

  • funny "boob milk": Because any phrase with "boob" in it is automatically hi-larious!

  • writing-to-speaking exercise: I assume you don't need to be a gym member for that.

  • teen pressing her boobs on teddy bear porn: Dude, that teddy bear's going to be traumatized for life!

  • chiana teachings: Chiana can teach us many things. Like how to kick, kiss, or cry our way out of any situation. Though the "kiss" part probably works better if you look like Chiana.

  • star trek earworm: Well, that fight theme does tend to get suck in your head. Bum-bum-bum-bum bum-bum bum-bum-ba-BUM-BUM! Oh, wait. You mean the Ceti Eels, don't you?

  • how to throw log pics highlander: I believe in Scotland throwing a log is called a "tossing the caber." They're an interesting people, the Scots.

  • Tyr for watchman of the goal: Oh, I'm sure he'd make a great goalie.

  • trekkie virgin: Come on, no way I'm going to believe you've never seen an episode of Star Trek.

  • trip and tpol sexy: I suppose they are, but that doesn't excuse the gratuitous "decontamination" scenes.

  • coaster pov videos: Look out! Here comes the glass! It's about to sit right on us!

  • chilly people pics nude: They're probably out in the snow with those other folks.
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