Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Why Do I Do These Things to Myself?

Why do I keep reading Star Trek novels? With very rare exceptions, even the ones that have decent plots and passable characterization aren't exactly what you'd call well written. I've read enough of the damned things to know this, but, for some reason, I feel compelled to pick one up every so often, anyway.

I'm either an incurable optimist or a glutton for punishment.

Either way, it's probably the same impulse that now has me on the point of deciding that I'm going to go and see the new Matrix movie tomorrow, even though Part 2 bored me to tears, and, from everything I've heard, Part 3 is even worse. (I'd tell myself that, really, I'm just curious to see whether there are any actors from Farscape in this one, but that just makes me sound even lamer, so I won't.)

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