Wednesday, November 05, 2003

OK, We All Know It's True, But Who Ever Thought They'd Admit It?

Honestly, I am not making this news article up:

The top networks are suffering through a lackluster fall season partly because "some of the programming just sucked," NBC's entertainment chief said on Tuesday.

NBC's Jeff Zucker, who has already canned two high-profile new series, said while networks question some of Nielsen Media Research's numbers this year, TV executives need also look in the mirror.

"Our programming is not that good and the Nielsen sample is bad. End of story," said Zucker, speaking to the International Radio & Television Society Foundation.

You gotta love that kind of honesty!

Mind you, he then goes on to say that what they need to do is put on more programming that appeals to young men, so that's pretty much business as usual, anyway.

(Link via Transterrestrial Musings.)

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