Thursday, November 13, 2003

Search Request Thursday (New and, Uh, Improved? Version)

Every week for quite a while (and on an irregular basis for quite a while before that), I've been collecting a list of the more interesting search requests that have brought people here to Maximum Verbosity, complete with silly/pedantic/smartass comments about each of them. Well, the truth is, the number of search requests coming in has been growing steadily over time, and my ability to generate smartass remarks is no longer adequate to keep up. So, I hereby present the latest batch... without comment. You may now either mourn the end of an era or rejoice and no longer having to sit through my stupid commentary, whichever you prefer.

This week's list:

Allusion vs. Reality Catcher in the Rye
Arcturus Rpg Gravity download
"bill maher" "you go girl" "the rules"
"billy boyd" "naked pictures"
Buffy and Willow in D&D terms
cartoon pictures of lavatory signs
cartoon pictures of tombstones
connor trineer naked porn
country women photos hunter wellies
creepy monolog download
critical analysis of Mr. Midshipman Hornblower
cultural hygine beliefs
definition of cultural stereotype
Everett's guide on etiquette
farscape landscape screencaps
felching armageddon wav file
funny holiday invitation wording
galadriel nude
Garcia "one of these days", literary elements
hot thai babes
joan cusak nude pictures
keroauc quiz for blog
killing strays in the sims
k-pax characters analysis
lexx porno pics
lite brite sagan
look like betty page
new mexico lyrics k-pax
nude cartoon love pics
nude cliff
poetry generator creepy blogspot
pooh quotes, smallish
robert taylor ned fanfic
"Self-test for literature abuse" hoax
spaceship tattoo
star trek tranquilizer sounds
strange food package pictures
"The Three Stooges" "computer game" download old
troi benjamin
ubervamp pics
verbosity band
wish fufillment in dreams

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