Thursday, November 06, 2003

Search Request Thursday

Here we go again:

  • Kraft Macaroni and Cheese 1930's: Um, definitely time to throw that box out, I think.

  • flash stephen hawking dalek: Oh, god help me, I actually have seen the flash thing they're looking for. It's here. And it will scar you for life. I mean that. Seriously.

  • frink "halloween costume": Cool! I wanna be Professor Frink for Halloween next year. Glavin!

  • tranquilizer dart cookbook: Featuring such delectable dishes as Tranquilizer Dart Casserole, and Tranquilizer Dart Brownies. Mmm-mmm!

  • simpsons voices excellent: Yeah, they are pretty great, aren't they?

  • birthday sigh: I hear ya. I ain't gettin' any younger, either.

  • female doctor costumes: What's the difference between male and female doctor costumes? Either way, all you need is a lab coat and a stethoscope, right?

  • Douglas Coupland's Periodic Table: Does he use an entirely different periodic table than the rest of us? (Ah. A quick follow-up google informs me that he does. Cool.)

  • juggling a funny Anecdote story thingy: Uh... Maybe you want to work on your verbal skill thingies before attempting any anecdotes.

  • betty miniskirt: Sorry. Never worn one in my life and don't intend to start now.

  • hairball wav: You mean somebody actually wants to listen to a cat coughing up a hairball? Man, it really does take all kinds.

  • count the number of T's: In that search request? Three.

  • carrie fisher nuns habit & veil two movies: Hmm, that sounds like a good trivia question. In what two movies did Carrie Fisher wear a nun's habit and veil? Answer: I have no idea.

  • miniskirt watching: Somehow, I don't figure that's really very much like bird-watching, is it?

  • cartoon pics nude OR naked OR sex "justice league": Hey, Comic Book Guy visited my blog!

  • cardboard turkey project 1st grade: Oh, I remember that one! You splay your fingers out and trace around your hand, then you draw a turkey head on the thumb and color in the fingers for tailfeathers, and then you cut it out of the cardboard and hang it on the classroom wall, and the adults pretend to admire it.

  • identifying tortises: I've never been entirely sure what the difference actually is between a turtle, a tortoise, and a terrapin. And I have no idea what a "tortise" is, even though I apparently typed the word at some point.

  • WAV DENTIST DRILLING: Eeeeee! Bad sound! Bad sound!

  • BUZZ LIGHTYEAR PARTY INVITATION WORDING: Um, I dunno... Word it as a directive from Space Command. That's probably what I would do if I were having a Buzz Lightyear Party.

  • "poor chiana": Yeah, she did get harshed on pretty badly in that last season, didn't she? But then, so did everybody else, really.

  • crais forgotten man arcs: Well, I've certainly never forgotten Crais. Or his arc. Who knew in the first season that he would turn out to be such a cool character?

  • "Dave's blog" "about girls": Hmm, wonder what Dave has to say about girls?

  • Antibiotics that are effective against microbes: OK, all antibiotics are effective against bacteria (except for bacteria that have become resistant to them). I think that's pretty much the definition of antibiotic, actually. Antibiotics do not, however, work on viruses. So you really have to be able to define "microbe" to get a reasonable answer to that one, I'd say.

  • What kind of clothes do astronauts wear? Depends on whether they're inside or outside the spaceship. It'd be pretty disastrous if you went for a spacewalk in your street clothes, after all.

  • nude simpsons characters: You know, I honestly cannot think of a single Simpsons character I would want to see nude. Even if they weren't cartoon characters.

  • meaning of song "someone out there" by cowboy junkies: I think it's something along the lines of "God is a bastard."

  • charmin toilet paper quicktime: Ooh, pass the popcorn! The toilet paper movie is playing!

  • what if farscape characters designed by berman: *shudder* Now, there's a truly frightening thought! But if you really want to know, you can find the answer here.

  • who tried to stop the holiday Day of the dead in Mexico: I wasn't aware anybody had. But then, it's not like I watch the news.

  • Dalek fetishes: Thank you. I now have images involving Dalek appendages that I really do not want in my head.
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