Monday, November 17, 2003

I Can't Stand Much More of This Suspense!

The Farscape rumors continue to fly fast and furious. Now is saying "miniseries." is still saying "no comment." Somebody who attended the convention in Burbank last weekend reports that: "[Series creator] Rockne [O'Bannon] appeared on the stage with a piece of red tape covering his mouth, and after taking it off, he said that 'I talked with Brian [Henson], and there are some I's that not yet dotted and some T's that need to be crossed, so, I just can't say anything'." Which certainly makes it sound to me like there's something to say, but I wish they could just frellin' tell us what, so I know what it is to get excited about! After all, news sources have reported things before that turned out not to be accurate, and that remark about the lack of i's and t's makes me wary that the whole thing, whatever it is, might yet fall through.

Man, it's hard to type with my fingers crossed like this...

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