Sunday, November 02, 2003

Good Grief!

OK, maybe it's a little late, but I found this "review" of It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown to be immensely amusing, even two days after Halloween. (Warning: contains adult content and is definitely not aimed at children.)

Here's a sample:
As a kid I always wondered what the Great Pumpkin would've looked like, but the best I could ever come up with was this huge pumpkin with alien eyes popping out of it on stalks. Since I was young, the envisionment scared the fuck out of me and I ended up boycotting pumpkins for a few years out of fear that real eyes would pop out of the carved-out fake eyes. I still hold a small grudge against Linus for this, but all is forgiven since we have the same blanket and brothas gotta stick togetha.

I actually watched The Great Pumpkin on Halloween this year, myself, for the first time since I was a kid, and I was mainly struck by two thoughts:

1) Snoopy is, was, and ever shall be, the coolest. Go, WW1 Flying Ace!

2) Linus scares me. I fully expect him to grow up to be the leader of some kind of Apocalyptic Pumpkin Cult or something. He's showing all the classic signs of the wacky cult mentality already.

(Link via Pop Culture Junk Mail.)

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