Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Still More Quizzage

You have very gnomish leanings. You have an eye
for detail and are likely fond of technical
things, but you also have an irrepressible
sense of humor and enjoy a good joke. Some may
think you peculiar or even obsessive about
certain things, but most will gladly tell you
things are more fun (and interesting) with you
around. You enjoy watching people as well, and
consider just about every moment of the day a
time to learn something new. Ever curious, you
enjoy learning, mastering, and then improving
new skills. You may forever be considered the
rather nerdish or geeky member of your group,
but you also make friends easily and are likely
to be included in all their plans. So, embrace
your inner gnome, dust off that old, half
forgotten project and get to work!

What D&D Race Would You Be? (Images)
brought to you by Quizilla

I found myself answering this one more based on the personalities of the kinds of characters I tend to play in RPGs than on my own personality... So it's actually a reasonably good description of some kind of amalgam of all the PCs I've ever played (except, possibly, for the sense of humor, which a great many of them were noticeably lacking in). Interestingly, though, the few times I've played D&D (a game of which I've never been especially fond), I've always played human characters. In fact, I don't think I've ever even seen anyone play a gnome...

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