Friday, December 22, 2006

Tis Still The Season

OK, I'm ready for it to be Christmas now.

For what seems like weeks, I've constantly found myself deciding that whatever it is I'm thinking about doing ought to be put off until "after the holidays." There's something I want to buy for myself? Better put it off until after the holidays, lest someone else has decided to pluck it off my wishlist and buy it for me. There are things I know nobody's going to get for me which I really need to buy? Better put it off until after the holidays, so I don't have to fight the last-minute Christmas shoppers. I ought to make an appointment for the dentist/the doctor/a haircut/the vet? Eh, better put it off until after the holidays, when things'll be less hectic and it'll be easier to schedule.

Geez, isn't it "after the holidays" yet? Besides, I've got presents to open, and they've been sitting there forever.


  1. hey Miss Scrooge! Go have some heavily laced egg nog. The holidays will be over soon enough.

  2. Ok if I had a blog the title of my entry would be:
    All I wanted for Christmas was world peace instead I got this horrible Virus.

    It's the twelve days of cough drops and tissues. Nothing like the constant tickle of chest congestion and contant cough to make the holiday merrier!

  3. Jen: But I don't like eggnog! :)

    Kathy: Awww. Poor you. *hugs* I hope you feel better soon!

  4. Brave of you to hug her. She's probably highly infectious. :)

    Get well soon, Kathy.

  5. It's safer over the internet. :)

  6. Thanks for the good thoughts guys! Merry Christmas.