Thursday, December 28, 2006

Maximum Verbosity Does Home Electronics

In other news, I did finally buy myself a digital camera. (Or at least I ordered it; it should be here in the early days of the new year.) Many thanks to everyone who offered suggestions and advice! I eventually ended up settling on the Canon Powershot A410, which was recommended to me by someone who said they owned one and were happy with it. The various reviews and customer feedback I looked at gave the strong impression of Canon as a reliable brand, and this particular camera as a good machine that's easy to use for the digital-camera novice and well-featured for the price. So I'm feeling pretty good about it!

It's only 3.2MP, though. My mother tried hard to convince me that anything less than 5MP was undesirable, but everything else I've read and everyone else I've consulted suggests that for normal-size photos 3.2 should be just fine. Hey, it's not the first time I've failed to listen to my mother...

I've also ordered some more memory for my PC, which is currently limping along like a small child trying to carry a Saint Bernard. Here's hoping fumble-fingered me can actually manage to open 'er up and install the thing without any hardware-related catastrophes. But if I suddenly drop off the face of the internet in a week or so, you can probably make a good guess as to why.


  1. Good choice. You can probably print 8 x 10 pictures with it at the highest resolution. More Megapixels also mean larger files. If you are using on the net, they look about the same as a higher rated camera. I have a Canon Elf 5 Megapixel. But as you know I print out a lot of large pictures. Duh, I owe you a lot of Pixes from our trip in early December.

  2. Yep, according to everything I read, anything up to about 8x10 is considered "photo quality" with the 3.2 camera. And you're a much more advanced photographer than I am, so I'm not surprised you take bigger pictures than me. :)

    And, yes, do send 'em!

    By the way, I'm sorry I missed your return phone call on Christmas... Actually, I'm not sure how I missed your call, as I was home almost all day. I think you must've called when I was doing the dishes with my headphones in and I just didn't hear it. Sadly, it was pretty late your time by the time I saw the message. But Happy Holidays, anyway!

  3. Thanks and Happy new year to you and Sibling

    You are the one that has had pictures published. I take bigger pictures than you because I am physically bigger than you, eh?

  4. Only if you're doing self-portraits...