Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A Meme For December

Write the first sentence from the first entry of every month.

OK, here we go. The Year in Maximum Verbosity:

January: Since it's sort of become traditional for some insane reason, I hereby present the complete list of all the books I read in 2005.

February: A friend of mine, on having located the relevant anthology and discovered that I had, in fact, correctly identified the author of a science fiction story he'd mentioned in passing to me months ago: "You're a scary, scary nerd."

March: I finished the Doctor Who commentaries today, while I was sitting around being mostly brain-dead from lack of sleep.

April: I wasn't feeling very well for much of the weekend.

May: I dropped a full cup of coffee onto the carpet in my hallway practically first thing this morning.

June: Well, that seems kind of pointless and silly.

July: Oh, god damn it.

August: So, last night -- well, this afternoon, technically -- I dreamed I was part of a group that was unearthing this ancient artifact from a cave.

September: There is very little in this world more intrinsically funny than a cat who's got his head stuck in a box of kleenex.

October: Thanks to the acquisition of the TiVo, my DVD-watching rate has dropped off enough I can practically hear the folks at Netflix breathing a sigh of relief.

November: I suppose it's nice to know that, after spending pretty much my entire adult life in New Mexico, I still haven't lost the old South Jersey accent.

December: Well, the relatives have been safely dispatched to the airport!

Yeah, I think that probably tells you most of what you need to know about me and my year...

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