Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Didja Miss Me?

Well, the relatives have been safely dispatched to the airport! It was a pleasant visit, but they did kind of tire me out. I think I did more driving in this past week than in the past year combined. By New Mexico standards, at least, I guess we didn't actually cover all that much ground: back and forth to the Albuquerque airport twice, down to Alamogordo and White Sands, and then out to the VLA site. But I think that's a reasonably respectable number of miles added to the odometer.

We, um, also did a Doctor Who marathon at one point. Because it seems that it is utterly impossible for me to have any sort of social interaction without that happening, somehow.

In any case, I'm back at the ol' blog now... Although my predictions were correct, and I didn't get much done online while they were here, so I'm pretty far behind on e-mail and such and it may take me a while to get caught up. (Hey, even, I have to step away from the computer sometime! Apparently.)


  1. Ahem. You got all the way down to Alamogordo and White Sands but didn't call me? *pouts*

  2. Captain, Sorry maybe next time

    Betty, Remember I did offer to drive. But you did a great job. Thanks to you and the three mouseketeers.

  3. CC: Well, we didn't quite make it as far as Las Cruces...

    Dad: I know you did. But, hey, nobody's gonna crash my car but me. ;)