Saturday, December 23, 2006

I Think It's Past Time For Some Random Links!

Scary Mary: A trailer for Mary Poppins, remixed to make it look like a horror film. I think this one's been linked to by half the net already, but in case you haven't seen it, here it is.

Build a Dalek to Scare Drinkers: A news item about some guy who built a Dalek and uses it to scare drunken students. Hey, I can think of worse hobbies.

Verizon Math: Listen and weep as some poor bastard tries repeatedly to explain to the brain-dead Verizon employees who are providing his internet access that .002 cents and .002 dollars are, in fact, different amounts of money. Or if you can't make it through that because you've rendered yourself insensible from beating your head against a wall in sympathy, you can read the transcript on the VerizonMath blog. Apparently he's running a t-shirt design contest over there, too.

Attack of the Sprouts: Smash the evil brussel sprouts before they force you to eat them! It's a fun game for all right-minded evil-green-vegetable-hating people.

How to Wrap a Christmas Present: Santa teaches you how to wrap your gifts up all purty. Except that, man, he's doing pretty much exactly what I do, and mine always come out looking like they've been wrapped by a half-trained chimp.


  1. I love that verizon thing hehehehe. He tells the Verizon guy is .5 dollars the same as .5 cents and he's like no. Then he says so is .002 dollars the same as .002 cents and the verizon guys proceeds to try to prove that it is to the caller by doing math, he just never gets it!!!

  2. At some point, the concept of "units" just seems to slide right out of their brains. If the calculator tells you 71.79, that's got to be $71.79, right, because that's what dollars and cents looks like. And it must magically know how to present its answers that way. *rolls eyes*

  3. I hadn't seen the Scary Mary thing before. That was really creepy and really funny.