Sunday, December 17, 2006

In Which I Solicit Consumer Advice

I've got some Christmas money coming, apparently, that's sort of been earmarked towards buying a digital camera, since I've been saying for months that I really need to get one, the better to post pictures of my cats on the internet like any decent, normal person. I know very little about cameras, though, digital or otherwise, so if anybody has any suggestions for good brands or for places to shop, I'll be glad to hear them. I'm not looking for anything remotely professional-quality, just something inexpensive and easy to use. I'm really hoping not to have to spend more than a couple hundred bucks, at the most.

Also, I have at last come to the conclusion that I really, really need to get a laptop. Or at least, I really, really want to get a laptop, which is close enough to "need" for my purposes. So any helpful thoughts/suggestions/comments on what to look for and what to avoid in the laptop department are also extremely welcome.


  1. Kathy, tell Betty about your Casio. I happen to like it very much, and I`ve had quite a few cameras in my life.

    Betty: As far as laptops go. Make sure it fits your "lap" or fits inside of your spiral bound "notebook".

    Oh, by the way, Monday morning I`ll be playing golf in a tee shirt and shorts.

  2. get a MacBook or an iBook ;)

  3. Dad: Size and weight are probably an issue, if I'm going to be toting it around a lot.

    Jen: No. :)

  4. I have a Canon A90 and it meets all my husbands needs for fiddling wiht camera settings and has a nice big swivel screen. Takes great pictures too.

    As for laptops. We have a mac powerbook pro. It rocks the world.

    Merry Christmas!

  5. Somebody else recommended a similar (I think) Canon camera that looked like a really good bet: Not very expensive, lots of good customer reviews... I think I may go with it.

    I'm too set in my ways, I'm afraid, to make the switch to a mac, though. :)

    Happy holidays!