Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Joy for the Incorrigible Introvert

A very merry Christmas to all who celebrate, in whatever capacity!

I went out yesterday for a big turkey meal and some socializing (well, OK, gaming) with friends, and that was fun, but I'm opting for a nice, quiet, relaxing day today. I've got presents to open as soon as I've finished up my coffee, I've got apple pie and spiced chai for later, and I've got the Mythbusters holiday special on my TiVo. (Hey, that's my kind of seasonal programming!) And I'll doubtless talk to all my scattered family members on the phone.

Yeah, that sounds just about perfect to me...


  1. Mery Christmas to you as well. I am at work but am off by 4 pm. I think my Mum is either making turkey or chicken cordon bleu. Mmmm... turkey cordon bleu.

  2. Jen: I saw that! I think I'll be staying in town this weekend...