Friday, December 29, 2006

Set a Course for El Paso, Warp Factor 5!

A friend of mine -- hello and thanks, Captain Chlorophyll! -- sent me an old clipping from an El Paso newspaper (which I was also able to find an online copy of, if you're curious). It's from 2002, when the city was about to host its first Star Trek convention, for which occasion they were commissioning a plaque to mark the site of Gene Roddenberry's birthplace. "We can become a big Trekkie town," said an El Paso city representative. And, honestly, I'm bothering to share this mainly just because that quote, for some reason, cracks me up completely.

I have to say, I haven't exactly heard of El Paso having become "a big Trekkie town" in the last four years, but I admit to having been a bit out of the Trekkish loop lately. And, hey, if it works for Riverside, Iowa...


  1. forget El Paso, attention New Mexicans! Did you guys get snow there?

  2. But the only Trekkie thing we have is that spot where the time-travelling Ferengi spaceship crashed! :)

    And, yep, we did get snow, although it wasn't too bad here. Apparently Albuquerque got a lot.

  3. Hey that episode addressed the old, why does everyone understand each other question. Or did they just pull that out of their......

    :) Happy New Year!

  4. Ears. They pulled it out of their ears. ;)

    Happy New Year back atcha!