Wednesday, October 12, 2005

A Somewhat Late Meme-ish Update

Current clothes: Short-sleeved blue denim shirt unbuttoned over a gray t-shirt. Dark blue jeans. White crew socks. I was wearing black boots, but I took them off.

Current mood: Harried. I wake up -- too darned early -- and want to do nothing more than sit around in my pajamas drinking coffee and surfing the net, but the kitten needs his water bottle heated up, and then he needs his breakfast, but he doesn't drink much, so I have to feed him again before I take my shower. And then I have to go to the store because, among other things, I want to pick up some cat food to try and tempt him onto solids. And I need to do laundry, because somehow I seem to be generating a lot more dirty clothes, with all the formula dribbling and the accidents involving cat pee and the regular changes of cat bedding. And there's bottles and things to wash. And then, of course, he needs to be fed again. And again. And to be usuccessfully enticed towards solids. Again. And weighed and washed and petted and to have his tummy rubbed so he'll poop. And, meanwhile the bills still need to be paid and the trash needs to go out and the floors need vacuuming desperately, and sitting in my PJs surfing the net is looking more attractive all the time, but it'll be time for work soon, and ye gods, it is like having a baby. I'm reminded of all those new mothers who say, "Oh, staying home with the baby will be great! I'll get caught up on the housecleaning and work on my novel." And then, two weeks later, they're all, "What was I thinking?" as they run their fingers through their frazzled hair and stare at you with their crazed, bleary eyes.

Current music: More random playlists. I don't remember what was on the last one, and I'm far too lazy to check.

Current annoyance: Um. See "mood."

Current thing: I've been obsessively playing Spider Solitaire on my PC every time I actually get a few moments to sit down, because I'm really not up to much of anything that's more involved or requires actual brainpower.

Current desktop picture: This beautiful picture of the moon, Venus, and Jupiter over the St. Lawrence River.

Current song in head: For a while, the theme tune to The Sopranos was looping around and driving me crazy, but fortunately it seems to have faded by now, and I'm getting some variety on Brain Radio at last.

Current book: Broken Music by Sting, a book that has previously been mentioned here as the hapless victim of an evil cat attack.

Current video in player: None, since Battlestar Galactica is on mid-season hiatus. Except for that, it's pretty much DVDs or nothing for me these days.

Current DVD in player: It was the last disc of season 1 of The Sopranos, but I've now finished with that and packed it up to send back to Netflix. I was really starting to get into that show by the end of the season. I think I may have to move season 2 up in the queue.

Current refreshment: None. I need some tea. And something to eat.

Current worry: I've been consumed with various obsessive kitten-worries for the last three and a half weeks. Is he eating enough? Is he eating too much? Is his poop the right color? The right consistency? Is he warm enough? Is he... Well, you get the idea. At the moment, it's "is he eating enough?", as he's not consuming nearly the amount of formula my calculations say he should be for his weight. He seems healthy, though, and is gaining weight nicely, so I'm probably worrying over nothing.

Current thought: Arrgh, gotta get something more to eat, and check my e-mail, and put away the laundry, and try feeding the baby again before I go to work... Aw, screw it. I might just make a snack and go watch some South Park.

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