Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Oh, Canada

It looks like the BBC are going to be releasing the new Doctor Who DVDs in Canada in February. We don't get a US release, of course, because the show hasn't aired here and thus there'd be no presumed market for the discs. Sigh.

Anyway... This seems like it ought to be great news. Canada uses the same region coding as the US, and ordering stuff from Canada is simple enough. Nevertheless, my main reaction is "Aaaaaargh!" Because it now means I have to decide between buying the UK boxed set when it comes out next month, or waiting for the Canadian discs. I'd much rather have the set in Region 1, because while I do have a region-free player, that's the only place I can play R2 discs. No bringing them to friends' houses, no watching them in the bedroom... It's annoying. But I don't want to wait until February. I want them now. I want them so badly I very nearly ordered the bare-bones, no-extras, rushed-into-production UK releases before I talked myself out of it. Because I do want the boxed set, and buying both would be utterly stupid.

Region coding? Worst. Thing. Ever. Grrrrr.

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