Friday, October 07, 2005

More Memeage

Here's a new "fun with google" meme. Type in "[your name here] needs" and let google tell you what it is you need. Post the top ten, or just the funny ones.

Apparently, I need:

1) a new car seat
2) you
3) to spend a day reading the forums
4) a hand
5) to determine how much of my day and my energy I am willing to spend working
6) to be diagnosed properly
7) to make sure I have a workout buddy
8) to transfer data files to the server
9) a place to live
10) a home

Well, I know the answer to #5, all right, but, sadly, zero hours of work leads to zero dollars of money, so that's no good.

Let me know when you've diagnosed me properly, 'kay?

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