Monday, October 10, 2005

'Nother Kitten Update

Well, I talked to the vet's office, and they don't do the first round of shots and the feline leukemia test until six weeks. Which kind of annoys me, as he's supposed to be kept apart from other cats until then, and I'm really not looking forward to having an active six-week-old kitten in quarantine in the bathroom. Anyway, I made an appointment for Nov. 4th, because I was thinking that was my day off that week, but then I realized that a) I got my shifts mixed up, and that's one of the weeks I'm actually working on Friday, and b) getting it done on a Monday would be much better than waiting until Friday. So I think I'm going to call them back and change it. (Note to self: don't make appointments before finishing your morning coffee, 'kay?)

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