Saturday, October 01, 2005

Hard = Difficult

Aargh. I have come to the conclusion that I desperately need a bigger hard drive. Or a second hard drive. Or, basically, just more hard drive space. And I suppose I could get one... But that would involve admitting that I have no freaking clue how to install a hard drive, and that I am, in fact, deeply nervous about anything that involves opening up my computer, because I am utterly, utterly incompetent with hardware of any kind, whether electronic, automotive, household repair, whatever. And asking for help installing a hard drive will completely ruin all my geek cred. *sniff*

I suspect I also need to replace my CD drive, because it keeps crashing my PC when I try to burn discs. Which is one of the reasons I'm noticing that I really need a new hard drive, since I can't even get any of this crap off of it. Sigh.

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