Saturday, October 08, 2005

Kitten Update

Vir the kitten is now three weeks old! He's still growing like crazy, and he's long since stopped looking like an undistinguished lump of small furry animal and started looking like an extremely tiny cat, except for the fact that his ears aren't quite standing up yet. At this point, he is, in fact, a serious contender for the title of Cutest Thing Ever in the History of Cute. Aww.

He seems to be doing fine and developing quite nicely. He's starting to get to the point where he's taking some interest in his environment: when I'm feeding him, he seems almost as interested in crawling around on my legs and looking around as he does in eating. And he's just started making his first semi-successful attempts to get his legs under him properly and walk. Oh, he's going to be a handful soon!

I've decided, finally, to eliminate his middle-of-the-night feedings. I think he's old enough now to go a few extra hours between meals without it killing him, and if this interrupted sleep keeps up much longer, it's going to kill me. I was going to start last night, actually, but I woke up after about six hours, anyway, so I got up and fed him and then went back to bed. Which is probably actually a better way to do it, easing him into the change gradually. And, speaking of changes in eating habits, in a few more days I'm going to experiment with starting him on solid food. Well, OK, mushy food. Wish me luck!

It's probably also getting to be about time to call the vet again and find out when he can start on his shots and get tested for anything he needs to be tested for before I introduce him to the other kitties. They're really becoming intensely curious about him!

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